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Version 3.0.0

10th May 2023

HSL_ZB01: Reallocate an array

Given a rank-one or rank-two allocatable array, HSL_ZB01 reallocates the array to have a different size, and can copy all or part of the original array into the new array. This will use a temporary array or, if there is insufficient memory, one or more temporary files will be used. The user may optionally force HSL_ZB01 to only use temporary files and not to attempt to use a temporary array. The user may also optionally supply the name of the temporary file and the filesize; if no name is supplied, then a scratch file will be used. If more than one file is required and a filename has been supplied, then HSL_ZB01 opens files with names that it constructs from the filename by appending ‘1’, ‘2’,... to the end. All temporary files are deleted upon successful exit. If the array given as input was not already allocated, then HSL_ZB01 allocates the array to have the desired size.