Changes to HSL

30 November Bug fix: HSL_MA97
Fix two memory leaks that occur when memory allocation fails.
8 February 2018 Documentation fix: HSL_MA64
Fix error in description of use for multiple right-hand sides in documentation
26 September 2016 Updates/bug fixes for HSL_MA86, HSL_MA55, HSL_MI35, TD22
Changed default scaling for HSL_MI35, fixed minor bugs in other packages.
2 September 2016 Improved MATLAB support: HSL_MA97
Add additional MATLAB options, and fix bug when using matching-based orderings from MATLAB.
2 September 2016 Bug fix: MA57
Fix bug in MATLAB interface affecting multiple right-hand sides.
2 September 2016 Documentation fixes: HSL_MC80, HSL_MI28, HSL_MI30
Fix errors in user documentation (see ChangeLogs for detail).
21 June 2016 Bug fix: HSL_MC78
Fix bug with very large matrix factors.
9 May 2016 New features: HSL_MA87
Add support for expert users to factorize positive semi-definite matrices (note: no pivoting, hence unstable). Also fixes some integer conversion warnings. Note: changed size of control and info structures.
19 April 2016 Bug fix: HSL_MI35
Fix error in test for storage size of matrix C that caused issues for a small number of matrices
19 April 2016 Bug fix: HSL_MP54
Fix error in integer sizes affecting handling of very large matrices
21 March 2016 Bug fix: HSL_MI28 Documentation
Fix typo in user documentation.
10 December 2015 Bug fix: HSL_MC78 C interface
Fix non-standards compliant code.
2 December 2015 Bug fix: MI24, HSL_MI35
Fix errors in user documentation.
15 May 2015 Major update: HSL_MI20
Adds new mi20_solve() function that provides full iterative solvers based on the multigrid preconditioners. Also adds support for new input formats (CSC and coordinate) and the ability to run multiple instances at once in MATLAB.
14 May 2015 New package: HSL_MI35
Incomplete factorization preconditioner for sparse least squares problems.
24 April 2015 Bug fixes for HSL_MA77 and HSL_MI28
Fix several minor bugs affecting special cases.
17 April 2015 New package: HSL_MI32
Implementation of MINRES
16 April 2015 Bug fixes for HSL_MI29 and VA05
Fixes several minor bugs affecting special cases only
2 April 2015 Documentation fixes for HSL_MI28 and HSL_MI30
Fix minor error in documentation.
1 January 2014 - 31 December 2014 Summary of changes in 2014
More detail is available from individual ChangeLogs.
15 April 2013 - 31 December 2013 Summary of changes in 2013
More detail is available from individual ChangeLogs.
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15 Apr 2013 Release of HSL 2013
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27 Jan 2011 Release of HSL 2011
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