Parallel Sparse Cholesky Solver

HSL_MA87 provides a parallel sparse Cholesky factorization for real symmetric or complex Hermitian systems that are positive-definite. It is a new code that has been designed for top performance on modern multi-core machines, giving superior performance to that of other solvers.



Graph of results on larger problems

(Based on results in [1], December 2009)


We offer both in-house usage and incorporation licences for HSL_MA87. It is freely available for academic use. Please see our website, or email us at hsl@stfc.ac.uk for further details. Development was funded by EPSRC grants EP/E053351/1 and EP/F006535/1.

[1] J. D. Hogg, J. K. Reid and J. A. Scott, Design of a multicore sparse Cholesky factorization using DAGs, Technical Report RAL-TR-2009-027.